Embroidery Services

Make your brand stand out with embroidered hats, jackets, polos, or bags.

We believe all the hard work and talent you put into your business should be reflected in the clothing you wear every day. Custom embroidery gives your brand’s apparel the personal touch you want and the professional touch your work deserves.

elote cafe embroidered hatDisplay your company’s logo for a uniform, professional look, or a monogram for a more personalized touch. You can also use both to make sure everyone in your business can show their own, unique identity. You could add a name underneath your logo, embroider each lapel, add a logo to the shoulder. The options are endless!


You can have something completely unique designed by The Wanderlust Studio or send in your own logo or other design and we’ll place it on the articles of choosing. Stand out from the crowd and provide your entire team with professional logos that display your brand.

Do you have questions about our embroidery services? Contact us with questions or to order your custom apparel today.